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Language Tuition All our translators and interpreters are available for language tuition whether on for corporate or individual clients.

Our language specialists are the best in their field and provide tuition designed to make you learn as fast as possible.

Do 2 year old children, learning to speak, walk around with a dictionary in one hand and a grammar book in the other? No, they do not! They learn naturally so that grammar and vocabulary comes to them through conversation. That is our approach too!

We shall not burden you with learning grammar by rote but instead shall teach you in such a manner that you enjoy learning and speaking. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn a language, whether it is for work, travel, hoildays or family.

We offer teaching through:

Live conversation, which is the most effective and fun way to learn and understand a foreign language.

Lessons that are tailor made for you and your your individual needs.

Teaching times that suit you and fit in to your lifestyle.

One to one tuition so that you can achieve your set goals with all the support, feedback & motivation that we can provide.

For Corporate Clients

Why learn languages? Because the language of Business is not English, it is your Client’s language! Whether it’s for an individual class for the CEO or it’s a lecture class for a group of management trainees, we can provide the tutors who will motivate, teach and encourage your employees to learn the languages that are vital for your success. We will teach your staff the sheer importance of localisation, so that your products can be marketed and sold to best effecting the local market place. 

Online Learning So busy that you have no time to attend classes? No problem! We can teach you online via Skype, all you need is a webcam and microphone along with your laptop and you’re ready to learn on the go! Our job is to make you learn and we shall!

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